7 Australian Brands You Can Learn From On Instagram

7 Australian Brands You Can Learn From On Instagram

1. HiSmile

Lesson 1:  User-generated content (UGC) provides a valuable layer of social proof to customers who are inclined to purchase. 

Lesson 2: Hismile integrates UGC and professionally shot custom content to include brand perception and quality. 

2. Guzman Y Gomez 

Lesson 1: Integrate’s a range of different visual mediums into your Instagram feed, including imagery, short-form video, and GIFS. 

Lesson 2: GYG consistently creates engaged GIF content which is proven to increase engagement and replays as it is highly interactive. 

3. The Iconic

Lesson: The Iconic showcases their wide catalog of products through user-generated and professionally shot images, they turn their Instagram feed into a mini-store by leveraging Instagram’s shopping tags to drive traffic to their primary ecommerce site. 

4. Bailey Nelson

Lesson 1: Links your product or your service to different lifestyle or outdoor content to create tone by association. 

Lesson 2: Layers graphics onto your imagery to be able to create engaging and unique content for your users, this is done by adding an additional layer of text or imagery that enables you to communicate richer information to the audience without them needing to read your text post. 

5. Lorna Jane

Lesson: Uses Instagram Reels in order to get into people’s explore feeds and reach a larger audience.

6. Woolworths

Lesson 1: Creates a rich and engaging content with Instagram TV, you can create longer form visual content such as interviews or promotional videos.

7. RM Williams

Lesson 1: Uses Instagram highlights that can assist your brand: (1) spotlight products, (2) drive web traffic, (3) eliminate clutter and (4) recap events and promotions. 

Lesson 2: RM Williams adds multiple images per post (Instagram’s carousel feature) to further engage their audience, they include professionally shot images and then allow their followers to swipe and view the products shot in each post. 

August 10, 2020
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